What  is a TSA lock?

TSA stands for Transportation Security Administration. What that means to you? Probably nothing. A TSA lock is more simply, a super sturdy combination lock that can only be opened by the combination code you set or, in wake of an emergency, a universal master key which TSA authorities can use in airports to unlock and then safely relock your bag.

 Why does my bag need a TSA lock?

Security personnel within airports, sometimes have to check what is inside passenger’s bags for security reasons. Before the use of TSA locks this meant ripping material, forcing zippers or physically breaking apart locks. TSA locks provide a safe, secure way to travel without the concern that you will end up with a broken bag at baggage claim.


How heavy and big can my hand luggage suitcase be?

Every airline has its own carry-on/hand luggage policy. We suggest you check with your airline carrier for their specific policy. Feel free to bring this information to your closest American Tourister retailer, and one of the friendly staff are sure to help you find the perfect bag.


What ‘s the difference between soft-side and hard-side luggage?

A soft-side suitcase is soft, usually made from nylon, polyester or some other type of fabric that feels soft and flexible. They also usually have expanders and often use lighter materials than a hard-side case.

Hard-side suitcases are more like a turtle shell, protecting any delicate items that are inside your case. These are sleek, smooth and made from strong, durable Polycarbonate or ABS material.

I don’t know how big a bag I would need, help me pick a bag!

The most important thing to pay attention to when picking luggage is the size.

For instance, a piece of 55cm – 66 cm (small) luggage would be good for a short trip of 3 – 4 days, while a 70 – 82cm (XL) piece of luggage would be more appropriate for longer stay of 7 days or more. This depends on how many days you are travelling for, how many people are travelling with you and your destination. Is it a business trip, or are you going for a long holiday with your kids to Disneyland? Our bag-finder can help you narrow down the options, or else, you can head to one of our retailers and check out the best option for you in person.

Should I get an ‘upright’ or a ‘spinner’ ?

An upright has two wheels and is designed to be pulled along behind you. It is better suited in a rocky terrain. But be careful not to overpack, as you would have to pull it along.

Spinners have four wheels. They are easy to move around and can handle a heavy load. They are very easy to maneuver and just require a gentle nudge now and again to keep moving in the direction you want.

What features will make my bag, a SUPER bag?

Expandability – Need more space? Opt for a bag with nifty expandable compartments. These can offer 30% more space!

Light weight – Why go light? It might be more expensive, but a lighter bag means less hassle when weighing your bag at the boarding gate and more time to focus on filling up with souvenirs.

Trendy and Colourful – Why should my luggage be colourful? Ever wasted forty-five minutes trying to differentiate your black bag with the six hundred other bags dancing along a conveyer belt? We have. Not only functional our colourful ranges looks pretty good too.

What is Presspro™ technology?

Presspro™  is the new generation of polypropylene luggage. It is a high-tech press forming process used to produce polypropylene shells. Using high temperatures and high pressure, the Presspro™  forming process allows the shell to be thinner as well as reinforced in vulnerable areas.


Do I get a warranty?

All American Tourister luggage products come with a 3 year global warranty, so no matter where in the world you are, we can help you if you have a luggage malfunction.

Do I need to keep my receipt?

Yes. 100% yes. We need a receipt to know where and when your bag was purchased