How to pack for a month long holiday?

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We ask our favourite fashion expert, Kirsty Cross from A Girl Obsessed!

Kirsty Cross knows a thing or two when it comes to fashion, travel and looking damn good in Instagram pics! Her blog, A Girl Obsessed is all about looking chic both in wardrobe and location, so who better to ask for her hottest tips of what to pack for a glam month long getaway…


I love travelling and there is nothing better then escaping Winter and heading to Europe for Summer. But it takes some effort to get in the mindset of what to pack when you are currently freezing in your apartment wearing everything you own to keep you warm.

So I thought I’d share some great packing tips that will take you from Winter to Summer in less then an hour to have you packed like a pro and ready for that beach.

Tip #1

Good Luggage is a MUST! I never use to have a roller carry on and this thing has changed the way I travel and I will never look back, it just adds more space especially for gifts for friends, family and little(or big) gifts you get yourself when your heading home. Shop mine: American Tourister .


Tip #2

Less is more, For me I pack items I can mix and match with other tops & skirts, having items I can dress up and down in a instant by just pairing with great accessories such as a hat, flats/heels or a leather jacket to change the look. 4 weeks is a long time and as much as I would love new outfits everyday it just won’t fit into your maximum luggage requirements for flying.


Tip #3

Always pack a statement hat! For me a hat makes a outfit especially with a bikini or just walking around in a pretty dress in the beautiful gardens in Paris. It also looks great in Photos.


Tip # 4

Shoes. Yes Shoes! Do you really need all of them? ( I secretly say YES, but they take up so much room) Laying out all your outfits in front of you before you pack them and make notes of what heels you have in your wardrobe that will look good with the most outfits you have. I always buy shoes on a trip so I pack less shoes because of this. My tip: Nike trainers, Black caged heels, nude heels and my Aquazurra laces up flats are my go to items.


Tip #5

My FINAL motto when packing is: I can buy whatever I forgot or need over there. Especially in Europe head straight to Zara, H&M & Topshop, its an excuse to shop a little more.

Happy Travelling and have a Mojito for me!!

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Kristy Cross is the blogger behind the Australian lifestyle blog, A Girl Obsessed. Kristy has harnessed her interest in style, living an active lifestyle, travel and food through her collaborations with Nike, Shopbop, Dion Lee for Target, First Base and Seafolly. Hoping to bring inspiration to readers and an understanding that all categories of life work in harmony to create a balanced lifestyle, she is indeed, A Girl Obsessed.

Kirsty travels with a small 55cm and a large 75cm After Dark CubePop suitcase.

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